Breakdown to Breakthrough

Sometimes you have to break down to have a breakthrough.  I definitely learned that this weekend.  I was really stressed out with work, trying to help a lot of buyers but unable to find properties in this market, writing on properties but not winning in multiple offer situations, and having deals get canceled because of bad inspection results, and frankly, it all started to get to me.  It can be frustrating when things seem to be going bad left and right, especially when you’re working so hard all the time to help your clients but you feel like you’re not making any progress.

So I had a breakdown – but it actually turned out to be a great thing because it gave me some time to say, “All right, how am I going to change this?  What do I need to do to provide better service and to make my life better?”  I had some pretty big awakenings as a result.

It often takes getting to that breaking point where you just want to give up and quit to realize that that was exactly what you needed to take another step and move in the right direction to find a solution.  Something in your heart might tell you not to give up, and suddenly a new way of doing things presents itself.  It’s always worth giving it another go. 

So remember, if you’re feeling down, don’t give up because sometimes it’s in your darkest moments where you have your biggest growing experiences.