Focusing on Getting Better

In life, I think it’s really important to reflect on things happening around us, and what is especially on the country’s mind today is the inauguration of a new president.  I see a variety of emotions on Facebook: some people are happy, and many other are unhappy and worried about what the future holds.

What I know is that I’ve been alive for five, going on six, presidencies: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Trump.  And regardless of who was president, my happiness, my success, and my well-being was determined by no one but me.

At the end of the day, what was more important was what I was doing with my life.  Was I learning?  Was I putting in effort?  Was I growing?  Was I thinking about ways to improve?  Was I providing value to the market?  Was I doing self-reflection?  Was I journaling?  Was I listening to other people?  Was I concerned about other people’s needs?  Was I happy in my own life doing the things that I wanted to do? 

 We only have so much time here on Earth.  It’s actually a very, very short blip, and then it’s over.  Why waste it thinking nonstop about who is the president?  Yes, we need to be concerned about what is going on with our country and yes, we need to be concerned about big issues.  But if we keep the focus on bettering ourselves, then that is going to have a bigger impact on the world around us.  If everyone did just that and asked themselves how they could contribute to making society better, that energy would surely be put to positive use.  

I think the key to success is trying to find ways you can make a positive impact in your own community and in your own life instead of focusing on all of the external factors that oftentimes are outside of your control.  So let’s remember that no matter what our politics are and no matter how much we may agree or disagree with the incoming president, we can still love one another and make a difference in the world – starting with ourselves.