Learning in 2017

Well, we’ve officially started 2017, and I’m really excited for this year.  One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is how to get better and how to improve my value in the marketplace; how can I gain more skill, offer better services to my clients, and better leverage my time?  What I’ve learned is that in order to achieve these goals, I have to keep learning from other people.

Whether it’s through podcasts, books, seminars, being in business with the right people, or mentorships, it’s critical to always be open to advice.  Getting a good piece of information from somebody can really make a difference in your life and save you so much time on your path towards improvement. 

So as 2017 kicks off, one of my top goals is to continue to surround myself with good mentors and information sources, and understanding exactly what it is I need to succeed.  I encourage everyone to keep learning on whatever path you may be on; chances are that you’ll come across information that is worth so much more than you could have imagined.