Hot Market for South Minneapolis

I can already tell that this year is shaping up to be a very aggressive market in South Minneapolis.  I typically judge how the market is going to be based on the activity level in January right after the New Year.  In this case, since Christmas I have already received at least 4-5 calls from sellers looking to sell and numerous other calls from buyers looking to purchase a home.

For buyers, I would suggest that you start looking right now.  Do not wait until June because prices are going to be a lot higher and the competition will be fierce.  For sellers, your key months to list will be in April, May, June, and July; to be ready for that time, you’re going to want to start planning and preparing now in order to have the best opportunity to get the highest price.

We work with buyers and sellers every day and can help you achieve your goals on either end, so if you have any questions about selling your house and you want a no pressure, no obligation report, I’d be happy to help.