Accelerating Home Prices In Kenny, Page and West Bloomington

Kenny, Page and West Bloomington are three of the best neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.  There are plenty of other great areas, but these areas come to mind because they all have good locations and plenty of nice homes for sale.  West Bloomington has big parcels and easy to live in one level ramblers.  Kenny and Page are very close to all the shops, parks, schools, and conveniences  of south Minneapolis.  All of the neighborhoods have low crime rates and there are a lot of young families having kids so plenty of kids to play with for the little ones.  As you can see from this graph since 2019 prices for these neighborhoods have been accelerating.  We have seen this in the Twin Cities market in general as well.  So It will be interesting to see if we see another big price increase in these areas like we have the last few years.  With high inflation, gas prices, and uncertainty in the market, we could see a cooling off of price increases.  We won't know, but the key is to analyze all aspects of the property  before you buy so you know if it is a good home or to wait for the next one.  This is an extremely risky market.  You do not want to buy a bad house.  If you need help buying or selling give me a call.