Historical Interest Rates And The Minneapolis Housing Market

Right now is one of the first times in my real estate career that rates are going up instead of down.  I got my license in 2006 when rates were in the 6% range and since rates have steadily gone down.  Today rates are 3.76%, which is still extremely low considering how high inflation is today.  Real estate is a good investment if you can buy it right.  That really is the key.  The old phrase location, location, location is true.  But it is also the condition of the property.  With construction prices, supply shortages, labor shortages, it would be best to get a great house that doesn't need a lot of work.  Or if it does need work you know very closely the costs and the risks going in so you can determine if it is still worth buying after the price you pay.  Last year we saw big price increases. We will see increases this spring and summer, but I think the gas prices and inflation is really going to hold back a lot of buyers who are borderline financially, they might get priced out.  In contrast, there is going to be a lot of money coming into real estate as a hedge against inflation.  So if you are buying this spring or summer get ready today.