Major Change In Minneapolis ADU Law Will Increase Supply and Demand

For the first time ever you can now build an ADU on a parcel of land in Minneapolis that is not your homestead.  So if you have a rental property with a garage, you can demo the garage and build a tiny home to rent out as extra income.  This is a major change because the restriction made it hard to build ADUs so you could only build them on land you lived on personally.  Now, nearly every residential parcel of land is in play as long as the zoning and construction requirements are met.  This change will really help increase affordable housing because an ADU is the most affordable house you can build.  The bigger the house, the more expensive it is to build typically, so a simple tiny house saves a lot of money.  So when you are looking to buy remember to check to see if an ADU would fit on the parcel or not because that will determine if you can build one.