Building Modular Homes

I have been looking into modular home building.  I recently toured a modular manufacturing plant to see how the building process works.  You can pretty much build the same basic house as you would if you built it on site.  The benefit of building modular is that it can be built faster and for a lower price.  The only problem is that the sections of the home need to be shipped into the city on big trucks and with the narrow streets with big trees on the boulevard in Minneapolis modular building is more difficult.  But it doesn't mean it can't be done.  There is a 30 unit modular apartment building that just went up on 42nd Street and Hiawatha.  I drove by once a day for a week to see how they put it together.  

If I was running the city of Minneapolis I would give an investor or developer a tax abatement deal on land that would be used to build modular single family homes.  The condition would be they would need to produce a certain number of affordable modular homes and install them in or around Minneapolis each year.  This would encourage more affordable homes to be built and it would help make that technology more accessible so there could be other modular builders.