Stained Glass Windows In Homes

Nothing special about this post other then I just wanted to show this cool stained glass piece in a condo I toured the other day.  When I see something like this it really makes me happy because I love it when people do unique things like this to their homes.  When I was growing up my Dad put a piece of stained glass in our dining room window and I always liked it.  There is something about stained glass that makes the room feel good.  What I like about this is the owner just used two nails and hung the glass frame right over the window.  Not only does the piece add privacy, but it gives you something nice to look at and adds a touch of personality to an otherwise basic bathroom.  I wish I would see more stained glass in homes, it is rare to see.  I have looked into doing stained glass pieces in the past, but never did one.  Maybe now is the time to make it happen.  If you are looking for a great home in south Minneapolis, give me a call.  I would be happy to help.