Tiny Duplex Pictures

Finally!  The day has come for the Tiny Duplex professional photos.  It feels great to see these.  I love the way they turned out and my wife Megan did a great job decorating.  This was the lowest price duplex I could build myself, but still qualify for the Department of Energy Zero Energy Homes program. It was my first new construction build. I did end up doing a number of upgrades such as LP siding, ZIP-R sheathing, triple pane windows, mineral wool insulation, smart vapor barrier, natural stone in showers, granite countertops, polished concrete floors, maple cabinets, and air exchange HVAC system.  So I could have done it for less, but I wanted to get some good products where I really needed them so I am happy I did that.  The HERS score is 43 which is pretty solid for my first new construction.  Now I can enjoy it.