Kobe Bryant

January 28, 2020

Kobe and Micheal.  I can't think of one without thinking of the other.  Kobe was my dude.  He inspired me just like Mike did.  He was the last hope in catching Jordan's 6 rings.  His work ethic was like Jordan's and he mastered all of his moves.  We all knew Kobe was chasing Michael because he told us he was his first year in the league.  Twenty years later he had won five championships.  He was a five-time defensive player of the year, 12 time all-defense team, but he could score 81 points in a game.  Watching Kobe play basketball was like watching somebody put their life on the line every single play of every single game.  He was a warrior.  We all grew up wanting to be like Mike.  Kobe got the closest.  We loved Kobe and I loved watching him play so much.  I can't believe Kobe is gone, but he lives on.  We can take what he did and put that same desire in us and go to work.  RIP, Kob.