Remodeling Ramblers

Out of all the homes I have owned I like ramblers the most.  I like them for a few reasons.  First, most are on one level which is nice when remodeling because then you aren't going up and down steps all the time.  Second, most ramblers are easier to work on then the older homes built in the early 1900s.  I can demo a kitchen in a couple days and I can demo a bathroom in a couple of days as well.  Usually there is a wall that can be removed to open up the kitchen.  Third, most ramblers have hardwood floors.  I love hardwood floors, I used to refinish them for a living, so I have all the refinishing equipment needed.  I have found that refinishing hardwood floors look beautiful and if there are any areas in the home that don't have hardwood floors you can add them.  Fourth, if you are lucky, find a rambler that has sheetrock instead of plaster walls.  Plaster is basically concrete, it's super heavy and a big pain to demo.  Sheetrock is super light, not nearly as hard to demo, and you can patch sheetrock pretty easily.  So in the end, I like ramblers.  If you can find one in a good location at a good price go for it.