Minneapolis Property Taxes

I don't complain about property taxes much.  I like Minneapolis and I think we have a pretty good city government.  We have clean parks and the streets are generally clean as well in most parts of the city.  I understand it takes a lot of work to keep a city running and property taxes pay for 1/3 of the total budget.  

Lately it seems like property taxes have gone up a lot though.  I got my property tax bills and they all went up a lot, hundreds of dollars a year and I think it went up $1,000 a year.  Yes, I understand my property value went up, but property values in general in Minneapolis have been going up since 2010.  Home prices in north Minneapolis are up 395% since 2012.  So the city of Minneapolis is taking our cash and that is making it harder for people to afford basics like health care.

So I think we should seriously look at what we can do about property taxes. Wouldn't it be nice to have $200 extra in your pocket a month in the form of a property tax rebate?  If I was on the city council or if I was mayor I would propose that if you pay your taxes on time twice a year, then you get a 50% property tax rebate.  I would try it out for 24 months and see what happens.