87 Price Reductions in Minneapolis Over The Last Week

I just got back from Mississippi.  I love Minneapolis and I am glad to be back, but its so cold here.  Even with the cold weather I am still looking for deals everyday.  That is my favorite thing to do.  I look for client deals and my own deals.  Somebody is always looking to buy and sell.  I love this time of year because a lot of motivated sellers are putting their homes on the market and the buyers are staying inside.  It's too cold for most people, they have holidays coming up, and they just don't feel like buying.  They figure they will just wait until April.  But by April competition will be a lot higher and prices will rise fast.  I like looking when nobody else is.  

This photo is a rambler in Natchez, Mississippi.  They have lots of ramblers down there.  Land is so cheap, I wish those prices were like that here.  I wish I could be buying at 50-89k in south Minneapolis like back in 2012.  There were really nice houses in south Minneapolis selling for under $100,000 up for sale all the time.  I was too inexperienced to realize that I should be buying them all up.  I bought a few and I flipped them, but if I would have bought them and did air b n b I would have probably done better.  Now prices are so high it doesn't make sense in most cases to buy. Rents have to keep going up with prices otherwise it will turn into a buyers market.  If you are a seller you don't want a buyers market, but if you are a buyer I guess that isn't that bad.  When I started selling real estate as an agent I really learned the market well.  I learned what people want and what they don't want and I learned where they want to live and where they don't want to live.  I learned transactions and negotiating.  Then I kept remodeling and I just built my first new construction so now I am a lot more confident when I am looking for a good property.  When I see a deal I know its a deal.