Home Prices in Meridian compared to Minneapolis

I have been in Mississippi for about a week and  I have really enjoyed myself.  I love looking at homes, checking out prices and seeing what you can get for different prices relative to Minneapolis.  Down in Meridian land and homes are cheap compared to Minneapolis.  The good thing about Minneapolis is that there are lots of jobs, lots of opportunities and it really is a great city.  There are many great hospitals, schools, lakes and parks.  It's easy to get around and there is an airport very close by.  But there are also a lot of people, probably more then 500,000 if you include the 1st ring suburbs.  According to Zillow, the median square foot price for homes in Meridian is $67 compared to Minneapolis the median price is $267 per square foot.  That means its almost four times more expensive in Minneapolis per square foot compared to Meridian.  So it got me thinking about how expensive homes are compared to other parts of the country.  I love Minneapolis, I will always live here most likely because my family is here.  Meridian is a nice town though, only 37,000 people and there are a lot of homes for sale and lot of vacant buildings that you can get for a low price compared to Minneapolis.