Traveling To Mississippi And Seeing Opportunity In Real Estate

I am in Mississippi visiting family.  It's my first time to the state and one of my first times to a real southern state in America.  I have been to Georgia, Florida and Louisiana, but I didn't get to explore many towns or countryside when I was there.  Mississippi is so beautiful, lots of amazing homes, people, and landscapes.  There are a lot of towns down here that don't have nearly as many people as they used to in the 1950s and 1960s so the economies aren't as strong.  It seems the south is still recovering from slavery and Jim Crow.  Having grown up in Minnesota, the culture is different in the north versus down south.  Much of the civil war was fought in the south.  I see so much opportunity down here though.  

For example, downtown Meridian is really cool, but not many people considering how much infrastructure they have.  They have the infrastructure to be a booming city and land is cheap.  You can get a 5 bed, 4 bath, 4500 square foot beautiful home on 3 acres for $500,000.  Compare that to Minneapolis, that same house would cost at least $900,000 if not more.   If I was in charge I would give any American a $30,000 tax credit if they moved to a small town in America to help fix it up.  We need construction workers, creative people, and anybody with a good work ethic to fix these houses and towns up down here.