Market Data: New Construction Since 2016 in Lake Nokomis, Powderhorn and Longfellow

This is a map of all the new construction single family homes built and sold since 2016 in Lake Nokomis, Longfellow and Powderhorn that have been listed on the MLS for sale.  81 total properties are listed.  What I find most interesting is that there aren't a lot of homes built in Morris Park.  East of 34th Street only two houses have been built.  I have always liked Morris Park and have thought it to be a great neighborhood to live in.  Many of the homes in Morris Park have MAC updated windows, HVAC systems and insulation.  It has been on of the lowest priced neighborhoods in south in the Lake Nokomis community.  But there just haven't been many new construction homes built lately.  Compare Morris Park to Standish that has 12 new homes and Howe that has 7 new construction homes since 2016.  So a lot more activity in Standish and Howe and I think the primary reason is the area is more walkable right now.  They are a little closer to the light rail and have a few more commercial spots that are walkable and are popular.  So maybe Morris Park still needs to catch up to Standish, but just keep your eye open, I think Morris Park will continue to grow.