Big Decrease For New Listings In Minneapolis Going Into Winter

So I am looking for deals and I can't find any.  Not many new listings popping up and that is because it's the end of November.  Based on MLS data new listings in Minneapolis drop 30-40% between October and November each year.  So right now there aren't going to be nearly as many new listings coming to the market over the next month.  New listings will go down as well during December, January and February and then will start picking up again in March.  A lot more buyers start shopping in March and April and through summer.  So if I was looking, and I am looking, I would be looking now because many buyers wait until next spring to buy so there will be less competition for the savvy buyer if you shop now.  In addition, sellers can be a little more motivated in the winter so watch for the good deals.  If you need buyer and seller representation give me a call or email.