The Bathroom Remodel Projects By Minnehaha Creek

I ended up doing two bathroom remodels and building two bathrooms from scratch this year.  I will share a few photos from both projects. Both bathroom remodels were pretty nasty, everything was from the 70s and they just needed to be totally gutted.  So I demoed the sheetrock, insulation, flooring and took out the doors, toilet, sink and mirror and replaced all of it. I did the traditional fiberglass batts on the exterior wall on the upper level bathroom just because I wanted to try it.  I ended up doing the mineral wool in the interior walls for sound proofing and I did the same thing in the downstairs basement.  The fiberglass comes with a vapor barrier, the mineral wool you have to install a vapor barrier yourself if you want to use it on the exterior wall.  Overall, the mineral wool is easier to work with and less itchy.  I think the R value is better as well, but either one does the job.  On my next project I will use the mineral wool again because I like it better. I added a picture of the downstairs bathroom so you can see the mineral wool and vapor barrier.  I ended up doing the stone subway tiles in the downstairs shower.  The upper level was my first tiling job.  It actually turned out pretty good. I got it level and square, a couple spots I would redo, but it was pretty fun and not that difficult.  It would be fun to do 10 in a month and get really good at it.  I like subway tiles.  I would use them again but I would probably use stone like I did in the lower level bathroom.