Tiny Duplex

My year long project of building my first house is nearly over.  As I call it, The Tiny Duplex.  Like I said, this was my first new construction house, technically it is a duplex so its pretty much two separate units.  I learned so much on this project.  This is a picture of the bedroom that has a door that goes to the backyard patio.  I will post more pictures through out the year as I have a lot of them.  I really like how it turned out and I enjoyed learning about the new construction process.  I bought every single piece of material and I did a lot of the labor work as well.  There are so many decisions that get made when building and there are a lot of codes and city zoning regulations and inspections that need to be followed as well.  So overall, building this made me a better realtor.  I am exited to start the next one, I think I will build a tiny triplex.