Minnehaha Creek Loft Remodel

We just finished up another remodel.  I think that is over 20 now, I loose count.  Each one is different, this one I really liked because of the location being close to Minnehaha Creek.  I also like that it acts like a duplex because there is a unit upstairs and on the main level as well.  This unit has a separate entrance from the back yard which is nice because guests can go up on their own with privacy.  We installed hardwood floors in the kitchen and refinished the floors in the rest of the unit.  They were really bad and I didn't think they would turn out good, but I got almost all the stains out and they look great.  The bedrooms I really like and the bathroom is nice with the climbing ivy over the windows.  We are only a block away from Minnehaha Creek so it's nice being able to take a walk along the creek so easily.  I learned a lot on this project, it was tough working on it through the winter, but we got it done.  They are always harder then you think it will be, but rewarding when done.  This was my first remodel since getting my general contracting license so that was cool to be able to pull my own permit.  As a realtor it is always good to do these projects because I learn a lot more about how homes are built, problem areas, ways to increase value, things like that.  If you are looking to buy in south Minneapolis or sell please call or email.  Thank you.