Focus on What You Have

Every so often a circumstance comes up in your life that makes you really thing about what’s important to you.  You have to slow down and decide what it is you want out of life.

I had one of those experiences this weekend when I was on a really tough floor job – one that took about 20 hours to sand.  It forced me to be alone with my thoughts and consider where I’ve been and what I wanted to do with my career going forward.  Because of that, I feel like I have renewed energy and focus and a solid direction to follow; as hard as the job was, I’m glad I did it.

In order to succeed, you have to focus on accomplishing the task at hand, right in front of you.  What do you have to do right now to achieve your long-term goal? What are you going to have to do this month?  This week?  Today?  This hour?

Some people call it “the one thing.”  Others say “focus on your goals.”  Regardless of what it’s referred to as, what I do know is that you have to keep a clear head and a specific focus in order to get what you want.  There’s no cutting corners; sometimes, you just have to grind through that floor to get the other side, because once you’re there, that’s when you’ll see that it’s absolutely beautiful and worth every second.