Living a Great Life

Too often, people think about all the things they want for themselves in the future without stopping to recognize that what they do now is what really matters when working to achieve those goals.  I hear things like "I'm going to do this, and then I'm going to retire," or "I'm going to do this, and then..."  It's so important to sit down and truly consider what you want in your life and then just go for it - right away - because there is no time like the present.

I've realized that what I want more than anything is to have a good life.  I want to invest because I want to be free and able to do the things that I want when I want to do them.  But in order to do that, I need to get to work now because time doesn't last forever.

As I get older, I won't have the advantages that I have now as a young person.  Right now, I'm 35, but I know that one day when I'm my grandma's age (she was 92), there will be certain limitations I'll have to face.  I won't be able to do as much physically - maybe even mentally - and that is a tough thing to accept.  So I know that I have to live it up while I have the chance.

I'm so grateful for this life and for everything that I have; I'm blessed, and I want to continue to grow and to give back as much as I can every day.  The truth is that I have a great life, and not enjoying it would be a shame.

So, as you head into the weekend, take some time and consider what you really want in your own life.  Then, go out and get it.  Actions are what really matter after all.

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