Learn to Earn

In the real estate business, it pays to be educated.  Yes, realtors are required to take continuing education courses, and that is certainly important.  But what I'm referring to is education beyond "real estate" - education that gives you knowledge that isn't as common in the industry.

I recently took a general contracting course to get my general contracting license.  Why do that, you might ask?  I wanted to be able to pull my own permits on my remodel projects and to build by own houses without having to always rely on another company.

Here's the thing though - for all the experience I have flipping homes, it wasn't until I started the course that I realized how little I actually knew about construction in terms of codes and all of the proper procedures for building a home.  It was overwhelming at first, but now, I'm learning a ton.  Plus, because the knowledge is so specific, I know it will set me apart from my competition.  If there is less competition, you are more valuable if you're one of the few people who knows how to do whatever it is that you're trying to get done.

The key to succeeding in your area of expertise is to just keep pursuing education, to get very good at what you do, and to learn constantly.  If you do that, you will continue to separate yourself from others and find endless potential to earn more.

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