Uniting Each Other

In business, you are always stronger when you have a good team surrounding and helping you because if people are working together, then they're going to go a lot farther than they would alone.  But if there is constant tension and fighting among ourselves, we do nothing but hurt the future.

For the past year, we as a country have been divided.  During the entire election cycle, we have become weaker because we haven't been able to agree on anything.  We've been swimming in an atmosphere of hate and uncertainty, and whether you voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or an independent party, the results of the election prove that we need to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and confront the issues facing our nation.  And that's gong to take not just half of the American people, but all of us.  We're all Americans and we all share this country.  So let's work together to improve our lives and to spread love. Each of us needs all of us.

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