Learning from Failure

One thing that I have found to be true time and time again in life is that you are going to have setbacks, and those setbacks are going to demotivate you.  Failure will happen, and when it does, you have two choices.  The first is to let that setback overtake you, your emotions, your thoughts, and your mindset; you can give up.  The second is to take that failure, learn from it, dust yourself off, then get back up again and go back out there.  It’s up to you.

Let’s say you take a test and you don’t do well on it at all; in fact, you fail.  But, you have an option to retake that test.  Now, with that first experience under your belt, you know what the questions will be like, you have an idea of the testing environment, and you know how to prepare yourself to succeed.  Chances are, you’ll do a million times better the next time around. 

The truth is that when you fail, you fall flat on your face.  But if you keep going despite your failure, you are actually more empowered and better equipped to handle obstacles the next time around.  I don’t look at failures as a bad thing.  You have to take them for what they’re worth knowing that learning from those experiences is really a blessing.

So the next time you find yourself failing and on the verge of giving up, think about it, take a little time, and then go back out there and kick some ass.  The path to success, after all, isn’t perfect.

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