Project Remodel: Episode 2

What does it take to pull off a remodel?  Makin' moves.  Momentum.  Vision.  Success.  Charisma.  Perseverance.  Obstacles.  Teamwork.  Getting the right guys for the job.

Channels like HGTV make remodeling look simple.  Teams transform an entire room in a matter of hours with no apparent prior plans.  But the truth is that remodeling a home can be tricky, and if you don't do it right the first time around, it can cost you big time.

Our remodel project at 3629 36th Ave S is really starting to come along, and frankly, it's come a long way.  What started as a home filled with a bulky old AC system, radiant heat, and overgrown weeds and shrubs has been given new life.  To date, we've put in brand new crank out windows, hardwood floors, forced air heating, and the beginnings of a bathroom and extra basement bedroom (to name a few things).  The house has gone from a faded beige stucco to a classic gray with freshly planted evergreens in front for dimension. 

Little by little, the remodel is progressing.  And while those steps may seem small at first, together, they amount to incredible changes.  Stay tuned for future episodes (and the final product) - you don't want to miss it.