Blue Door Pub: Longfellow's Go-To Burger Joint

Whenever I'm hungry, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll choose a burger and fries over a salad.  So, the only real question in that moment for me is where to find the best burger around.  One of my top spots is the Blue Door Pub in Longfellow.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with this one.  The decor at this local pub is simple, with a classic bar mirror and wood paneling throughout (and of course, a blue door).  But where they keep it simple in interior design, they go all out for their food.  From their famous Blucy (blue cheese juicy lucy) to their Cajun Redux (peppers on peppers on peppers), their menu is bound to blow your mind.  Quick tip: go out to eat with a friend, then get two different burgers and split 'em in half - you'll definitely want to try theirs (if not eat another whole one by yourself).

While Longfellow is my favorite location, Blue Door also has two other locations: Saint Paul & University.  But whichever one you decide to stop by, make sure you go big or go home - get that burger and basket of fries (it's beyond worth it).

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Guest post by Megan Warner