Refreshing Your Home for Fall

Spring cleaning, for me, is one of the best times of the year.  It's a chance to refresh my house and change over the remnants of my winter decor and replace it with reminders that warm weather is right around the corner.

But a refresh isn't just reserved for the Spring - I like to do an Fall makeover, too.  There's nothing better than anticipating pumpkin flavors and the scents of a cooler season, and although I know that by February I will hate all of my sweaters, I absolutely love switching out my summer clothes for scarves, sweaters, and hats that somehow seem brand new every year.

The thing about the Midwest, though, is that sometimes the weather decides to flip flop for a solid two months.  One day, you're wearing a coat, and the next, it's back to shorts.  So what's the best way to invite fall in (even if your wardrobe isn't certain what to do with itself)?  Candles, my friends.  

Apple pie, caramel apples, cinnamon spice, pumpkin cheesecake - the list goes on and on.  So where do you get the best seasonal scents?  My favorite spot to go is the TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Home Goods shops.  You won't necessarily find what you're looking for every time, but they have a great selection of endless scents for every season and every room in your house.

Just the other day, I stocked up on my seasonal stash and came home with a fresh floral scent for my bedroom, a lavender for the bathroom, and a couple of pumpkin spice options for the kitchen and living room - all for just about $30.  Not too shabby, I say.

If you're looking to get into the spirit of autumn, it's worth taking a trip to a few different home decor spots and refreshing your space.  A little seasonal change can make a world of difference.

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Guest post by Megan Warner