Why Minnesota Has the Best Fall Season

Summer is winding down, and fall is nearly here.  As sad as I am to see patios disappear and to witness the demise of summer blooms, I am excited for the crisp anticipation of fall, for football games and, dare I say, for Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I can't believe I just said that).

There's no denying that fall in Minnesota is the best.  And if you ask me, it's got the perfect weather - not just because it's not quite freezing winter, but also because fall means you get to still stretch out the best parts of summer - without the sweltering heat.

Last night, we busted out the s'mores and built a backyard bonfire.  Today, I put on a sweater and laid in my hammock, warmed by the sun for a few moments of blissful serenity.  Walks are perfect this time of year, too.  Our dogs are less exhausted by the humidity, and yet still enraptured by all of the wildlife and greenery around them.

I can't help but have a bit of nostalgia for this time of year.  Whether it means a Saturday spent at an apple orchard, or an afternoon spent carving pumpkins, there's just something about this season.  It's cozy, yet not quite cold, and that makes it perfect for me.

So, as we head into fall (officially just a little over a week away, on September 22nd), remember to take a few moments out of the stress of being back to school, or preparing a report for work, or whatever has you hustling during the months leading up to the holidays, and take in the beauty that is right here in our home state.  Rumor has it, we've got some of the best changing colors in the nation (and I'd have to agree).

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Guest post by Megan Warner