DonÂ’t Stop Being Obsessed

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Obsession is a good thing. But not everyone sees it that way. 

When you are obsessed, people tell you to stop. They say you are working too hard. They might call you a freak and might think youÂ’re “weird.”  Your family does not understand; they think youÂ’re spending too much time on your obsession and forgetting to live life.  They are trying to help, but no matter how much they may give advice, itÂ’s important to listen to yourself and to stick to your path.

Obsession is passion.  When you are obsessed, you have to keep going.  For me, that means waking up at three in the morning to work and get to the office early.  In fact, I am writing this at 4:00 in the morning because I know that to get what you want, you do what you have to do. IÂ’ve spent countless evenings away from home, going on showings as late as 9:00pm so that I can understand the market and better prepare to help my clients.  My goal is to always be able to advise them in the best way possible, so in order to do that, I have to make certain sacrifices.

We each only have one life. It may seem like a long time, but it goes by quickly. To really get what you want, to truly go after your passion and your obsession, you canÂ’t treat life like itÂ’s a 9–5 job.  It is a 24/7, 365 endeavor.

When you are all in and focused, your competition doesnÂ’t matter. You donÂ’t think about the outside world; itÂ’s just you and your work.  To find the gusto to get up every day at three a.m., then work until nine or ten oÂ’clock, then do it all again in the morning and continue to do it day after day is something that most people would not be willing to do.  It isnÂ’t always easy.  But, IÂ’ll do anything I need to do, and it is not about competing with anybody else. Its about giving it my best and being the best I can be because thatÂ’s what excites me. ThatÂ’s what gets my blood boiling.

DonÂ’t ever let anybody distract you or make you feel bad for being obsessed with your craft. DonÂ’t apologize for it. YouÂ’re going to be weird, youÂ’re going to be the outcast. YouÂ’re going to be the one that is not doing what everybody else is doing.

Just keep going. Go all in.

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