Losing Is Good In A Small World

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I met a buyer last week that wanted to flip a house. After a couple times meeting with him he told me his friend was a realtor and he was going to have to use his friend as his agent. But the buyer said, “I really like you, you’re a cool dude, you’re a worker, you’ve got the right attitude.” He said, “You’re going to do well in real estate.” That made me feel good because for the brief time we spent together I was coming from a place of giving. I was just trying to give as much as I could and even though I lost him as a client I made a good impression on him and that is what matters. Maybe he will refer me to other people down the road because he saw I was working hard for him. My goal is to provide as much value as I can to my clients.

Most industries are small and a lot of business is word of mouth. What matters is your reputation and your word. When you start thinking in these terms you start to think long term. Your world ends up being a lot smaller then you think.

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