Rusty Taco on Hennepin in Northeast Delivers on Deliciousness

August 15, 2016

Should I eat one taco for lunch, or three?  That is the only question.  

If you've never been to Rusty Taco on Hennepin in Northeast Minneapolis, get thyself there immediately.  In fact, it's technically the lunch hour now - GO FOR IT.  Your tastebuds will be ever grateful.

Located just across the street from Brasa, Rusty Taco has a whole menu devoted to the wonder of the taco - fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, steak, fried chicken, veggie - really, you name it and I'm pretty sure they've got it.  Less than $5 a taco, it's affordable and the concoctions pack a nice punch.  

Simply step up to the register, place your order, then wait just a few minutes and you'll hear your name being called out from the taco bar - voila!  Lunch is served.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm starving and ready for another round of these babies.  I. Can't. Wait.

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Guest post by Megan Warner