Peace and Tranquility at the Lake Harriet Rose Garden

Too often on my lunch breaks, I find myself wolfing down a sandwich while simultaneously scanning my email or catching up on other work.  I never really take the time to relax, a habit I'm sure most of America knows all too well.  But it's called a "lunch break" for a reason, right?  Shouldn't we all take a little time for ourselves and break up the day?

Well today, I did just that.  I was heading to Lake Harriet, thinking I'd grab a bite to eat at Bread and Pickle and watch the boats for awhile.  On my way around the lake though, I passed the Harriet Rose Garden (or, technically, the Lyndale Park Rose Garden).  In all my years living in Minneapolis, I'd never before actually walked through the gardens, only ever seeing them as I drove past to my next destination.  So I pulled over.

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It's a bit overcast out today, but that didn't alter the garden's beauty one bit.  As soon as I stepped through the fence, it was like a calm came over me.  There I was, surrounded by beautifully landscaped roses of every color and variety, with bees and butterflies lazily floating from bud to bud; it was perfection.  I took a stroll through the flowers, stoping at each fountain to listen to the water trickle and take in the quiet peace of it all.

There were only a couple of other people meandering, given that it was during the work week, but I tell you, it was the perfect break from a busy day - a chance to just stop, take a few deep breaths, and drink in the beautiful surroundings.

We all need a true lunch break from time to time.  Let yourself enjoy those moments.  It's worth everything.

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Guest post by Megan Warner