Birchbark Books on Lake of the Isles is a Locally Owned Treasure

Books!  I can't get enough of them (see previous post here).  I've got another local shop for you to add to your repertoire: Birchbark Books.  Located just off of Lake of the Isles, this local gem is owned by National Book Award winner Louise Erdrich, author of many amazing books, including The Round House and The Plague of Doves.  

Birchbark Books prides itself on being locally owned and independently operated, and it has been a neighborhood staple for fifteen years.  It's a great spot for kids - complete with a birchbark reading nook and a great book selection.  Throughout the store are great staff recommendation blurbs (that, quite frankly, made me almost buy a caseload of titles), and you can find books from any genre - including those written by local and Native American authors. 

Not sure which one to pick?  Grab a few off the shelves and cozy up in one of the armchairs and read a little to help you decide (or do like I usually do and buy them all)!

Whether you're a mystery fan, a non-fiction connoisseur, or a sci-fi aficionado, Birchbark Books is the place for you.  Stop in and say hi - it's worth the trip.

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Guest post by Megan Warner