Summer Sales Abound at Belle Weather

Well, we've hit August, friends.  That means that we've got about two more solid months of this perfect summer weather to enjoy (le sigh...can't it stay warm and gorgeous all year?!). 

BUT - summer isn't gone yet, so don't despair!  It's prime time to hit up some local sidewalk sales for some great end-of-summer deals.

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I love popping into Belle Weather boutique on Lyndale and 34th - it's a great spot for a mix of new and old.  They offer consignment clothing and accessories, but also feature local artists, jewelry, soaps, and so much more (their greeting cards are awesome, too).

The other day, I dropped by to check out their sidewalk sale, and they had everything from a mint condition bright red blazer for $3 to a pair of cuffed shorts for $2.  I mean, talk about a steal, right?

Now's the time to snag the last of the summer gear before we start pulling out those scarves and sadly pack up our shorts for the summer.  So whether you're looking for a new weekend outfit, or a unique candle for a gift, Belle Weather might be just the place for you.

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Guest post by Megan Warner