Magers and Quinn Remains a Local Bookstore Favorite

I am a total sucker for bookstores.  I could honestly spend hours just browsing the aisles, and whenever I happen to pass a shop with a sidewalk book sale, it's like time stops and I immediately halt in my tracks to skim the titles.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life; my dad used to take my brothers and me over to the local library on summer weekend afternoons and we would spend the whole day carefully selecting our individual stacks of books that we were certain we could read in the two week allotted check out period.

As an adult though, a part of me loves to actually buy books to build my own library (even though I obviously could borrow them for free).  I just like the feeling of being surrounded by my favorite titles; it's a comfort in a sense.

But as much as I love a Barnes and Noble, there is still something so special about a local shop - one that has its own unique style and vibe.  One of my favorites here in town is Magers and Quinn on Hennepin and 31st in Uptown.  They have an amazing selection of every genre imaginable, and they offer both new and used books (and some great local artist prints and gifts).  Magers and Quinn is homey, yet spacious, quaint, yet exciting.  Every time I go inside, I'm always greeted by a friendly staff member, and they are full of great suggestions.

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When the weather is nice, they pull out their sidewalk racks where you can find great books for a buck or two a piece.  I just stopped over there today to get my hands on the new Harry Potter book (I'm a 90's kid through and through) and to pick up a new planner for 2017.  Somehow, the book-a-holic in me came out (surprise, surprise) and I grabbed a couple more books I'd been meaning to read.  So here I am, three books and one planner later, and I couldn't be happier.

The next time you're looking for a new read, head over to Magers and Quinn - they won't steer you wrong.

Guest post by Megan Warner