Where Is The Next Hot Spot Neighborhood In The Twin Cities?

I have been going to West Seventh neighborhood a few times a week now for the last two months.  Its actually really easy to get to from south Minneapolis, I like that.  Also, its really easy to get up and down the neighborhood on West Seventh.  My overall assessment of the neighborhood is very positive.  I think its going to blow up in a positive way actually and the reason why is because of the people.  I have come to realize that if a group of people want something to happen and they are motivated to take action then anything is possible.  

I can tell that the people in the community really love it and want to improve it, they take pride in what the area has to offer.  If there is desire there, and there are other geographical factors that make the neighborhood nice then you have a recipe for a up and coming neighborhood.  West Seventh as both.  It is close to the River, downtown St Paul, lots of restaurants, which are walkable from a lot of locations in West Seventh, and it has a friendly vibe.  

This home that we are bringing to the market is on 104 Garfield St.  It is in an awesome location, has a master suite upstairs, bathroom on the main level, open kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and a huge yard.  The owner  just put in a new drain tile system in the basement as well.  This place is a great home for somebody wanting to be in an amazing neighborhood for a great price. Little Bohemia, what a place.  Hit me up if you are interested in seeing it.

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