Where to Go for Amazing Produce in Minneapolis

Last summer, I made the mistake of only going to the farmers market twice over the entire season.  Twice!  That seems absolutely crazy.  What better weekend ritual is there than a weekly trip to the farmers market for some fresh fruit, veggies, flowers, and roasted corn?!

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This year, I've vowed to change that because there are just too many amazing local goods to pass up.  This past Saturday, I headed to the Minneapolis Lyndale Farmers Market just off of 94 with a friend.  I brought less than $20 with me, thinking I'd get a few items and that would be that.  Let me tell you though, I wish I had brought $40.  

The flower bouquets were gorgeous, the hot sauce tastings were fire (in a good way), and the produce was so big and juicy, I had to stop myself from digging my hand into my bag and eating it all before I got back home.  Not to mention that the Lyndale market is huge - I thought it'd be just a row or two of stalls, but I could honestly get lost in all of the tomatoes and local vendors' fantastic items.  

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I ended up settling on some giant white peaches, fresh lemons, sweet green beans, a bag of wild rice harvested by the Ojibwe tribe at Leech Lake, and a large iced coffee to go.  The weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect summer day.  Plus, now my kitchen is stocked with the best food around.

If you're a planner and like to know exactly what is available before you take a trip, you can also check out their website for a "what's in season" chart.

I certainly won't be waiting around another year to go back.  If I were you, I'd be sure to stop by this week for some fresh produce (or hey, if you need a t-shirt, they've got those there too).  The market is open daily from 6am-1pm.


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Guest post by Megan Warner