Why A Real Estate Agent Should Tour A Lot of Properties To Learn The Market

Blog ImageOne of my favorite things to do is to go look at homes for sale. I remember when I was sanding floors for a living I thought if I could get paid to go through houses and do that everyday that would be my dream job. That was about 3 years ago and now that dream came true.

I am a realtor. Its what I do now. I tour properties, help people find good ones, help them sell their current homes. I think about why I like going through homes and I still can’t really pin point it but I can think of a few reasons.

First, I love real estate. I like learning about the land, the houses, the people. I like learning about value and design. The more homes I tour the more I feel like I have a good sense of what people like.

Second, I like finding the deals. I talk about price and scarcity a lot. I have found the more rare a piece of property is the more demand there typically is for it as long as the price is right. I like knowing where the best condo units are in the city or what houses are have the best potential.

Third, I get paid to do it. People hire me to help them find a house and I think they do it because they trust me. They know that I go through a lot of them and I am honest about my assessment of the home. I like giving my opinion on real estate. I would rather be 100% honest with somebody about a piece of property and not sell them the house then lie about how good it is just to make a sale. It feels better when you have a really good value for them.

So that is me. I like touring properties, nothing really fancy about it. I think a good real estate agent should tour a lot of properties for their clients to get a good sense of the market and be of value to their community.