Red Cow Offers a Unique Twist on Traditional Burgers

Ever get a craving for the juiciest burger imaginable?  Ever want to swim in a pool full of cheesy double patties with delicious toppings and sauce?  Because I do.  I pretend my burger cravings only happen once a week or so, but let's be honest, burgers are an everyday luxury we all want and when you come across a place like Red Cow that steps it up a notch to give you a menu full of unique takes on the traditional burger, it makes it mighty hard to resist a daily dose.

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I recently had lunch at the Red Cow on 50th street in Minneapolis and tried their Double Barrel Burger (which happens to be the 2016 Burger Battle winner).  Here's the description (it's ok, you can drool): "Two thinly smashed patties, white american, grilled onion & special sauce."

I mean, come on.  Tack on some fries and you've got yourself one of the best lunches (or dinners) in town.  Plus, as of recently, they rolled out their cocktail menu; you can take your pick from concoctions like Gold Coast, Grad-dad's Sour, or Cantuta Primavera.

One thing I should mention - the burgers are huge, so if you're not extremely hungry, it's worth it to split one with a friend (the kitchen is awesome and makes sure to bring it out split in half on separate plates so you can avoid the mess of trying to evenly cut a burger and fight about who gets the bigger half).

So, if you're a meat lover, get thyself to Red Cow STAT - I guarantee you'll fall in love (and into a much-anticipated burger coma).

Guest post by Megan Warner