Wuollet Bakery: A Dessert Paradise

Wuollet is a household name around town, no doubt.  With their unbelievable cake flavors and perfect light and fluffy frostings, this bakery knows how to get to the heart of a dessert-a-holic's obsession. 

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I'll admit, though, before this weekend, I hadn't ever actually stepped inside of a Wuollet Bakery before.  Given that I'm originally from Wisconsin, the extent of my tastings have been at work functions and restaurants/shops that happen to serve their goods.  So after a hearty lunch next door to the Edina location at Red Cow (keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post on that deliciousness), we naturally felt we'd earned our right to some sugary satisfaction and headed across the parking lot.

Wuollet is a familiar bakery sight, with breads, cupcakes, and donuts staring at you from gleaming cases (and simultaneously convincing you that calories are a lie concocted to rid you of your childhood dreams).  I quite nearly salivated all over the glass as I stared at heaping mounds of macaroons and perfectly aligned red velvet cupcakes.  Then - alas! - to our left was a tray of donut samples.  If you've ever been a kid who begrudgingly goes grocery shopping with your mom, then find out that it's sample day at the store, you know exactly the level of excitement I experienced.  

But donut tastings aside, we had to make the ultimate decision of the day: chocolate, vanilla, or carrot cake (or all of them)?!  We settled on a turtle cupcake and a carrot cake cupcake, deciding to split each one to get a bit of both.  If you thought I was excited about a bite of a donut, my experience eating these cupcakes was transformational.  If there was a religion for sugar, I'd join tomorrow.

Now, Wuollet currently has a deal on Groupon as well - $15 for $30 worth of credit.  And what's great about it is that you don't have to spend the $30 all at once.  If you want to spread out your indulgences and get your $30 worth over the span of a month or more (a cupcake a day keeps sadness away, amiright?!), then you simply show them your Groupon, they use it for the amount you're purchasing, then they give you a gift card for the remaining balance.  Pretty great, if you ask me.

Wuollet has five locations across the Twin Cities, so you can get your fix anywhere that's convenient for you!  I might just make a stop at all five - there's no such thing as too much dessert.

Guest post by Megan Warner