Why Buying Close to Minneapolis Lakes Is a Smart Move

The more time I spend in South Minneapolis, the more I like it.  The main reason is because of the lakes.  There are 9 lakes in Minneapolis and all of them are in South.  Northeast Minneapolis, Downtown, and North will do well in the future, but the long term trend is going to favor South Minneapolis above the rest because it has one thing that the rest of Minneapolis doesn't have: water.  People like to be around lakes. It's just he way it is.  We like to go to the beach, we like to swim, we like to bike or run around the lake, or grill out with family.  Lakes bring us together; they are calming and they make us feel good.  

With that being said though, I think that people typically think of Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun when Minneapolis lakes come to mind.  Since the focus seems to be staying there, there is a lot of opportunity for people to buy in South Minneapolis near Lake Hiawatha and Powderhorn Lake since neither is getting the same amount of hype or attention.  I was driving by Lake Hiawatha last night as the sun was setting; it was beautiful.  I literally had to stop and take a picture.  There were people hanging out in grass, at the beach, and at the playground down the street; it was just a really nice setting.  

People ask me all the time where should they buy a home and I honestly think that the closer you can be to the lakes (any of the lakes) in Minneapolis, the better you will do - as long as you don't overpay and you get a good house on a great lot.  My advice is to look for lots that are 3-8 blocks from the lake and pay close attention to 28th Ave, Cedar Ave, 15th Ave S, and 31st Ave S.  These are the areas that are going to continue to do well weather the market is up or down. 

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