Finding Homes With Good Basements In Minneapolis

Basements are so critical to the value of the home.  Most of them in Minneapolis have low ceiling height, let water in, and I would say it is rare to have one that can be fully finished.

This home has a great basement.  It has 8 foot ceilings, block foundation, it is square, adding a bathroom, bedroom, and living room would be very easy.  This basement is about 900 square feet, which is about 200 square feet bigger then the average basement in Minneapolis.  So I see a lot of value added potential to this one.  If you find a basement like this, and the price is right, I would highly recommend that you consider making an offer on it.  Any time something is scarce and there is high demand then there is a good chance that it will be worth more then average.  So keep your eye out for basements that have good ceiling height, are square, and have ample space to add value.