Why Dreaming Big And Eliminating Fear Will Get You What You Want

One thing I have realized over the last few years is that most people don't truly follow their dreams.  I have come to the conclusion that it is because they either don't believe in themselves or they don't want to do what it takes to achieve their dream.  Let me explain.  

Everyday I wake up and there is this voice in my head that tells me why I can't do something.  It really bugs me because it doesn't make me feel good.  I literally have to change my mindset and start thinking about something else that is positive so I believe that I can achieve what it is that I want.  One of the things I say to myself is, "what is there to be afraid of"?  If I want to go out there and help people sell their homes what do I have to be afraid of?  What if I want to help one of my clients buy a house, what is there to be afraid of?  When you really start to break it down there is nothing.  What we do in business is just business at the end of the day.  It is not life or death, it is not war, we are just going out there to help people get what they want.  The more time we spend on the task, the more we try to improve, the better we will get at it.  When we start to get better our fears should decrease because you are becoming more valuable, we know more about what we are doing, and then we know how to help people better.  So don't be scared.  Just go out there and do it.  

The second reason I think people don't follow their dreams is because they don't believe in themselves.  I have this problem all the time.  I doubt myself everyday, many times a day.  But it is up to me to change my mindset and think that I can do it because at the end of the day I can.  People have achieved so much on so many different levels in life.  If I want something I have to believe that I can get it and then I have to work every single day to get it.  I have to know that in my mind.  Honestly, it is like tricking yourself.  Just believe that you can do it, don't think of the reasons why something won't work.  Think about all the reasons why it will and then figure out what you need to do to do it.  

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