Salut on 50th and France Gets a Thumbs Up

June 18, 2016

50th and France is obviously a well known and popular area - for restaurants, shopping, and a refreshing stop for froyo (especially on a day like today).  Yesterday though, I discovered Salut Bar Americain.

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Now, as often as I've popped through shops or grabbed a drink at places like Barrio, I'd only ever walked past Salut as I made my way from the parking garage (which is FREE, by the way) out to France Ave.  It looked cute with its checkered tablecloths and French-isms on its walls, and I always thought to myself, I'd like to eat there someday.

Well, I absolutely ate there for lunch and I absolutely am still raving about it.  We grabbed seats out on their patio, had great service, I ordered the chicken club sandwich, and then I proceeded to die of happiness.  

I swear, it was the juiciest, most flavorful sandwich I've had in quite some time.  The chicken comes with melted cheese, avocado, bacon, and a drool-worthy aioli sauce, topped with a bun and an olive and pickle toothpick right on top.  And since I'm trying to choose healthier options in general (worth sacrificing for that melted cheese though), I opted for the side salad - this also did not disappoint.  I'm picky when it comes to salads, but this had the perfect amount of dressing, and it wasn't overwhelming.

So the next time your around 50th and France, check out Salut - especially if it's a gorgeous day and they have open patio seating.  And in my humble opinion, order the chicken club - and prepare to be amazed.

Guest Post by Megan Warner