Why 38th and Chicago Area Adds Value To Peoples Lives

If you have been reading my blog posts you know that one of my favorite things to do is drive around south Minneapolis and look for micro pockets within neighborhoods that will bring the most value to home buyers. To really understand housing in a neighborhood on a micro level you have to look at each street and street corner, block, and position on the street to get a good judge of value. I spent about an hour in Powderhorn just driving up and down 34th to 39th Street, close to Chicago Ave S and just soaked in what was going on there. I was really impressed. 

First, there are four neighborhood gardens which tell me people really care for the area. Most of them were on separate lots so they are using the whole space to grow food or just have beautiful plants that are good for the eco system. 

Second, Powderhorn Park and lake is just down the street and that is good because people like being around water. Lakes, creeks, ponds, steams all attract people and because of this there is going to be more people coming to Powderhorn. Lastly, there was a good amount of commercial development that was in walking distance from a lot of homes. Modern Times Cafe, a few coffee shops, a bike repair shop, all of these small businesses are going to attract people to the area. This area will do well over the long run and it should be on your high priority list when shopping in south Minneapolis.