How Adding A Second Bathroom In Your Home Can Have A Dramatic Increase In Your Home Value

How much value does a second bathroom add to a home? We are real estate nerds over here at Johansson Realty Inc so we crunched the numbers for all 12 communities in Minneapolis and here is what we found. There are a couple things that are important to remember with these numbers. First, the size of the house can make a difference on these prices. It might have a second bathroom and that is why the property is 30% more then one bathroom houses, but those two bathrooms homes tend to be bigger on average so they could have 200–400 more square feet as well. Also, two story homes are worth more then one story homes on average so some of these values could be effected by the architectural design of the home.

But nevertheless, 20–30% increase for a second bathroom is a lot of money. We are talking about 30–70k swing here. Second bathrooms can be installed in basements for about 5–9k depending how much of the work you do yourself and the layout of the basement.

Main level and second story bathrooms are going to be more around 10-20k completely finished. In the end, I still believe that you get a great value when you add that second bathroom and if you want to look for opportunities in the market for one bathroom homes you can gain around 20% equity position in your property. But if I want to stress one thing it is that you need to be able to design the second bathroom well. It needs to be in the right part of the house and it needs to make sense. Where it is relative to the kitchen or the basement stairs, or how it fits in the half story upstairs matters a lot. If the design isn’t done properly then the increased value could drop from 20% , 5% or even zero if it is really bad. I have seen a lot so that is why I say that.

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