Why Powderhorn Lake Gets Overlooked and How To Capitalized On It

When you really start to think about it there are a lot of lakes in south Minneapolis. Lets break it down.
1. Cedar Lake 
2. Lake of the Isles
3. Lake Calhoun
4. Lake Harriet
5. Diamond Lake 
6. Lake Nokomis 
7. Lake Hiawatha 
8. Powderhorn Lake

If you drive around these lakes and you look at land values a majority of the lots surrounding the lakes are the most expensive lots and homes in their neighborhoods. This is pretty obvious for most people to comprehend because people like to be around water. We value the views, recreation, and I think general sense of calm a big body of water brings to an area. The funny thing is the homes around Powderhorn Lake are not that nice relative to these other lakes. There are a lot of great homes, but none are really spectacular like the homes surrounding the other seven lakes. I see this changing and I think it will happen fast. One of my favorite streets in Minneapolis is 35th Street and 12th, 13th and 14th Ave S. I think all the lots on those three blocks have a ton of potential in the long term because of their proximity to the south side of the lake and the lots are very build-able

I think that this is the next untapped area in south Minneapolis to get developed. I see more and more people coming to Powderhorn, the crime around the lake is way down, and over the last 20 years the city has spent a lot of resources to clean up the lake. It used to be pretty dirty, but now its one of the cleanest lakes in Minneapolis and people actually fish out of the lake.

So pay attention to this area, especially the blocks I talked about and maybe even a few blocks south of 36th Street.