New Kowalski's Grocery Store In North Minneapolis Will Be A Huge Game Changer

If there is one thing I have learned over the last 10 years of studying Minneapolis real estate is that if you don't have a good grocery close by then you don't have high demand for the housing in the neighborhood.  People want fresh food and they want to be able to get it quickly.  The only grocery store in North Minneapolis is off Broadway and Lyndale, which is basically in another time zone if you are up in Camden.  Getting to that store is not easy and who wants to go to that area anyways?  Most of the people that buy homes in Victory, Camden or Shingle Creek buy up there because of the low crime and quietness of the area.  Victory Memorial Parkway is right up there and the new Weber Park with the nations first naturally filtered pool just opened and it is beautiful.  All that is needed is a nice grocery store with fresh produce and I think that area is going to explode in demand.  I actually think that area north of 43rd and south of Shingle Creek is the nicest areas in Camden and putting a grocery store will attract a lot of first time buyers to the area.  The Seward Friendship Co-op that just opened up in south Minneapolis off 38th and 3rd Ave S has had a huge positive impact on that neighborhood.  When I am driving around looking at houses I stop by there all the time now to get a fresh snack and I think the same will happen in North.  So I see the new library and the new grocery store having a big positive impact in Camden, I think homes that are close to 44th and in walking distance of the store will do better then ones that are far away. Keep your eye on this development.  It will be a big time game changer.